Changing Attitudes

Changing Attitudes

(A guest blog post for Amati & Associates)

The key to digital transformation lies not in more powerful computers, but mostly in changing the attitudes of people and procedures of the organisation.

There are a couple of simple things you can do right now that will signal to your people that you are consciously preparing for digital transformation and that positive change is afoot. The first step is the easiest but has potential for deep long-term shift in the course to be taken by your company. Do you have a mission statement that is longer than one or two punchy sentences? Throw it out and replace it with a few bullet points. Extensive research has demonstrated that it is easier to get people behind a set of precisely articulated values, than trying to have them follow a forgettable mission statement. Big, clearly defined goals are far more effective in increasing performance in people than small ones, or badly defined ones. Yes, it may have taken a long time to formulate it but is it still up-to-date? Has it kept up with the changes in the operating context?

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