Community building needs to be a priority

At Boma we have a few simple objectives, with the strategic goal being to make the World a better place than we found it. And so, community building, in the various places on Earth where we are represented (nine countries so far, and growing fast), is a major part of what we are about. It was therefore a pleasure to discuss the key ideas behind this process with Boma’s Editorial Director, Brad Dunn.

If you think about it, a community is not really something that needs to be “built.” It already exists in granular form — its potential members, the people I’m talking about, already share common goals, perspectives or ideas. They just don’t know it yet. They haven’t identified themselves as belonging to a bigger collective. So it’s not that this community needs to be built, it simply needs to be defined — and given a chance to coalesce.

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(You can read an essay version of this interview here.)