My stock in trade are new ideas, and their generation, implementation and celebration. Over the years I have been fortunate to have worked with some truly amazing people – be they clients, collaborators, or fellow-travellers.

For the Danish industrial engineering company Danfoss, my team and I have consulted on the creation of the series of conferences, interviews and gatherings known as #ETTalks. The unifying factor has been to keep building a community of people building a sustainable future, and nourish that community with knowledge and inspiration.

My job has been to help some incredible people harness their ideas in preparation for the talk, and to serve as the host of the gatherings and interviews.

So far, we have created gatherings in Warsaw, Kyiv and Nantes. If you are on Facebook, here and here are records of what cool things went on at Kyiv. Watch this space!

You will find the talks here.

In December of 2018, as COP24 was going on, we drove a red Tesla from Copenhagen, pimped it out with cameras and microphones, and then took some of the more incredible thought and action leaders in the fight against climate change for drives around the city of Katowice. In December. With snow falling all around, and light fading by 3.30 pm, we interviewed a World Bank executive, a former Prime Minister, an IPCC leader and other people uniquely qualified to comment on the many challenges associated with climate change.

The results were published as, logically, as the #ETTalksDrive edition. It was serious fun, and I think we managed to add some valuable input to the climate change discussion. You can see some of the results here. They were apparently popular enough for us to win a major award in the Business-to-Business PR category.

Due to my work as a speaker, I am often asked to assist executives, scientists, diplomats, entrepreneurs and others to prepare for their own public talks. To find out more, head over to the Speaking page, here.

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