Serendipity at work

Serendipity at work

A little while ago I was shooting in Palma de Mallorca, for a new yachting book project.

On my last evening there, having finished up my work and packed up my lights, I went for a walk through the old town, so as to satisfy that time-honoured tradition of visiting bookshops with no particular end in mind. (As it happened I found a book as a present for my brother but that’s not the cool thing – though that book was actually a lovely facsimile edition of an early Plato translation.)

The cool thing was that this English gentleman, having sold up in the UK, had moved the entire antiquarian book inventory box by box across to Palma and set up a delightful shop in a lane in the old town. Now, for the cool, cool thing: while browsing I spotted a rather familiar cover.

“Legends of the Land” is now out of print in New Zealand and since I only have a handful of copies left, I was tempted to buy it! What a well-travelled little book this one was. I signed it, of course, and left my new friend pondering whether or not to double the price on the spot. I guess I’ll have to find out next time I’m there, probably to shoot another yacht.