Radio 3.0

Fireside is the coolest thing to’ve happened to radio for a long time. I consider it Radio 3.0 and treat the chat-format shows as an opportunity to learn from fascinating people, and to discuss ideas at the cutting edge of creative practice and complex issues of global importance. .

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You can find the full running list of my programmes HERE. The listings below lead to individual pages for the various programmes.

The Creative Farm convenes on Monday nights (21:30 Central Europe time) and centres around discussions about the place of art and creativity in modern business, society and life.

The weekly on Wednesday nights (21:30 Central Europe time) focuses on the rapidly growing world of Non-Fungible Tokens as applied to the world of art and artists.

Boma Global is a format and content company. It operates as a network of local parters in numerous countries around the world, The Boma Global Studio on Fireside complex global issues through conversations with business leaders, academics, artists and activists.

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