Art in a Place of Work
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Art in a Place of Work are science-based Artist-in-Residence programmes which connect people within companies with professional artists by physically placing artists and their art in the workplace for a time. They also contain workshops, lectures and other components. Each project is custom-produced.

This framework offers direct personal interaction between the artists and the employees, and creates a space in which both sides can draw on the relationship to their mutual benefit. We follow methods based in neuroscience, psychology of work and related disciplines, and offer measurable results as a matter of course. Yes, we can measure, and provide feedback on employee engagement and creativity.

As artists create, practice, and develop their works, they influence the employees to think more creatively. In turn, the artists draw on those interactions for inspiration. The client, in effect, commissions a piece of art, and the artist shares his or her creative process with the client’s employees.

We work mainly with visual artists such as sculptors and painters, and performance artists (musicians, theatre actors and dancers.) We can also engage other artists such as writers or film makers. The engagement is planned for as long as it takes to create the piece of work. If it’s a piece of visual art, the finished piece is added to the client’s collection, while a premiere of the performance, for music, theatre or dance, becomes a corporate entertainment opportunity.

We document the entire process with text, video and photo material to be used in communication and publishing aligned with the programme. As each company is unique, we work closely with you to create a programme to meet specifically outlined needs. If you are looking for ways to foster innovation, strengthen individual and team creativity of your people, and enhance employee engagement in your workplace, contact us today to learn more about our artist-led initiatives.