3 things you need in a startup
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3 things you need in a startup

In late October 2017 I had the pleasure of talking to a group of students who were about to embark on MatchIT, a hackathon organised at the University of Warsaw. The project has since become the University’s internal incubator. This text has been slightly edited for publication.

Nothing succeeds like success. You’ve probably heard this saying. Let’s take it apart and see what is actually means to us right here, right now, as you get started with the hackathon. You have a chance to start cooperation at the confluence of science and the application of science. This is a hugely exciting thing, and not often done in this country, or the neighbouring countries.

To do this you will need three things. What are they? A killer idea, some money and a strategy to conquer the world, right?

Not quite. It’s too early for strategy if you have no idea what you’re selling, and nobody in their right mind will give you any money until you have figured that out.

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