Listen to the dissenters
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Listen to the dissenters

(A guest blog post at Amati & Associates. Managers are usually very good at stifling dissent in organisations, seeing it as a negative force. Large amounts of research suggests, however, that dissenters can actually be a hugely valuable asset, if you can stomach what they have to say… Occasionally I get to guest-blog for my friend Filiberto Amati. It’s always a good chance to discuss contrarian ideas.)

Time to think REALLY different, and why dissenters are your most valuable assets… if you can stand to hear what they have to say, that is.

Limits are not final, limits are not set in stone, and limits for today are certainly not rules to be adhered to for ever. Limits are merely the extent of what your imagination considers possible right now. If your business is centered on providing products and services that can be in any way replicated, assume that someone is already looking at ways to do so, except your competition will likely provide an entirely new solution that does the job faster, or more reliably. Certainly cheaper. Their costs may well be not 10% lower than yours but 10x lower, with little of what you see as standard overhead. And they will not move at 110% of your speed to market but 10x your speed, because their internal communication moves like greased lightning and their entire organisation is aligned towards that overly ambitious goal, way over the horizon line. Considering limits as somehow preordained and needing to be adhered to, is terminal.

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