Educate Thyself, Educate Others

Educate Thyself, Educate Others

(A guest blog post at Amati & Associates. Education needs rethinking, from the ground up, and fast. Look at how a country educates its students and its adults, and it will be a fair clue as to that country’s likely future success. A new guest post for Amati & Associates, prompted by both Filiberto and me having tried online AI-powered essay writing bots. Take-away: they are so-so for now, but of course will improve very quickly – and which author can say that about own writing ability?)

A lot has changed since Frederick Taylor published his Principles of Scientific Management in 1911. A little over a century later, what was then cutting-edge management practice has been demonstrated to be a most destructive way to think, as predictability gives way to turbulence. What used to ensure employability for people and success for organisations – the ability to perform learned tasks efficiently – is now at the bottom of the list of desired qualities and is soon going to be dropped off the list altogether as automation of everything from production lines to legal compliance takes hold.

At the top of the list are now an ability to learn, flexibility, problem solving skills and above all creativity.

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