Boma project takes off

Boma Global has taken off. From a standing start, we are now in eight countries and can expect to be growing fast and making an impact worldwide over the coming years.

Boma is a format and content company. We are a global network of local partners and deliver value through executive education, public and in-company events, long-term engagement programmes and community building. We work with business leaders, public administration professionals, entrepreneurs & young people so that in a world of continuous, dramatic change we all can be more intentional and intelligent about the future.

I will be contributing blog posts to both the global site and the Polish site, and posting the links on this blog so they’re easy to find. Here is the first one:

Your Company Will Either Engage Employees or Perish

There is an interesting — and growing — body of research that supports new ways of looking at recruitment. Generation X and Generation Y will select their place of employment according to how a given company ranks in terms of its social values, and whether or not the potential employer is interested in providing people with real opportunities for personal development and meaningful work.