Want To Hire And Keep The Best People? Creativity Is The Key.

Want To Hire And Keep The Best People? Creativity Is The Key.

There is an interesting, and growing, body of research which supports new ways of looking at recruitment. Generation X and Generation Y will select their place of employment according to how a given company ranks in terms of its social values, and whether or not the potential employer is interested in providing people with real opportunities for personal development and meaningful work. Suddenly, dance, music, visual arts and writing have taken on a meaning deeper than “merely” artistic expression. They must be part of an HR Director’s bag of tools.

Towards the end of 2016, the software maker Adobe carried out a broad survey of over 5000 adults of various ages in the US, UK, France, Japan and Germany. The aim was to measure the sentiment people had towards broadly understood creativity, especially in relation to broadly understood success. The survey, titled State of Create 2016and released under the headline “Creativity Pays” found that investing in creativity bears measurable benefits. Let’s take a closer look since the survey addressed the young, and the not so young, coming from many professions, not just the creatives.

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