Boma Global Studio

Boma Global is a worldwide (as the name would suggest) network of local parters operating in the spheres of executive education and high-value events, both public and closed. it’s also an informal think tank on business practices appropriate in a world centred around sustainability, creativity and wellness. We publish a lot, in the form of both articles and multimedia, and Boma Country Partners run regular interviews with members of our Brain Trust, various Boma team members, and other inspiring humans.

On Fireside we are exploring the potential of “Radio 3.0” – its interactive live format. The conversations are broad-ranging and touch on such complex subjects as the need to transform the world’s educational systems, or the shrinking window of opportunity to combat rampant climate change.

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Here are are all of the Boma Global Studio shows – most recent at the top:

Boma Global Studio BGS011: Communities & future of work, with Michel Levy Provençal

Boma Global Studio BGS010: The Limits of Our Adaptability, with Paul Bargetto

Boma Global Studio BGS009: Strategic value of STEAM education, with Theo Edmonds

Boma Global Studio BGS008: Sustainable innovation with Tom Raftery

Boma Global Studio BGS007: Collaboration across divides with Filiberto Amati

Boma Global Studio BGS006: Making education modern, with Aape Pohjavirta

Boma Global Studio BGS005: Radical collaboration, with Lior Locher and Leonardo Maldonado

Boma Global Studio BGS004: Creativity, with Seda Röder

Boma Global Studio BGS003: Creativity, culture and crossing of boundaries, with Natasha Tsakos

Boma Global Studio BGS002: Artists bringing strategic value to companies, with Theo Edmonds

Boma Global Studio BGS001: An introductory chat with Lara Stein